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Turtle Dove project North Yorkshire and Ampleforth Plus

Turtle Dove Project

15 January 2018 by katie.mitchell

We are delighted to join the North Yorkshire Turtle Dove project. Turtle Doves are in serious decline in the UK, however in our area in Gilling East village and at the Ampleforth College there have been a number of sightings.

The project aims to provide suitable landing and feeding areas for Turtle Dove’s during their yearly migration, with this in mind we have already stated preparing areas for seed sowing in March / April this year. The area is 40m x 12m. Our proposed plants include birds-foot trefoil, common fumitory, common knapweed, common vetch, musk mallow, sainfoin and wild carrot. These plants will also benefit our honey bees. We'll keep you updated on our progress.

To find out more contact Richard Fenwick: 01439 787185
You can report your sightings and find out more about he project here.